Lehmann Aviation
Fully automatic and now with Wi-Fi.
LA100 - world's first aircraft designed for users with no piloting background - is now coming in Version2. It is a fully autonomous UAV (drone). Just choose one of the suggested flight paths and altitude in OperationCenter, check drone's systems via Wi-Fi, connect the battery, launch it, and wait for it to come back to you after 5 minutes of flight (limited for safety purposes). The whole system comes ready to fly without GoPro and tablet.
Oblique or Vertical images.
You have the choice to mount your GoPro in 2 different positions: on the top of the wing for Oblique images (Hero, Hero2 or Hero3) or at the bottom of the wing for Vertical images (Hero3 only). You can also choose to fly with 2 cameras at the same time.
Light and easy to transport.
With a weight of less than 1kg and a wingspan of less than 1m, LA100 is very easy to transport. Mostly made of foam and carbon fiber, the system is completely safe and highly transportable.
Rugged and Upgradable.
LA100 is a rugged aerial system designed for harsh environments and diverse climate conditions: from -25°C to +60°C (-13 °F up to 140 °F), humid or dry air and high winds (up to 35 km/h). Hardware and software upgrades are rolled out on a regular basis to improve your system with the latest available technologies developped by Lehmann Aviation. LA100 in Version1 is upgradable till Version2 upon request.

Important note: The use of Lehmann Aviation aircraft must conform with the applicable regulations and laws of the country where they are operated. It is the sole responsibility of the client to be informed of applicable restrictions. For example, some countries may have rules that restrict the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to: line‐of‐sight operations only, specific airspace & maximum altitude, and/or prior approval of the authorities in charge (e.g. JAA, FAA).