The most efficient Multirole Flying Wing

L-A Series

Discover the L-A Series Drones: the ultimate solution for short-distance intelligence gathering and versatile multi-role missions for governments and civil organizations. Introducing the fourth generation of our best-selling aircraft, the L-A Series 2024 is engineered to offer unparalleled Return on Investment (R.O.I) among small flying wing solutions.

Aerial Target

Aerial targets for training military personnel in air defense systems, including surface-to-air missile systems, anti-aircraft artillery, and combat aircraft interception practices.

Drone Operations Training

Master drone operations with hands-on training using our compact, fixed-wing drone, designed for skill enhancement in real-world scenarios.

Reconnaissance & Surveillance

Used for reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence gathering missions. Their small size makes them less detectable and ideal for covert operations.

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L-A Series Overview

With enhanced capabilities and reliability, these drones are designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Elevate your operations with the L-A Series – where cutting-edge technology meets cost-effective, high-impact results.

For short distances missions

A Multirole Flying Wing

Environmental Monitoring | Reconnaissance & Surveillance | Trainnig Target

Discover the versatility of our multirole flying wing, engineered for short-distance missions that demand precision and reliability.

Whether for aerial target, operations training or for reconnaissance and surveillance, ensuring unmatched situational awareness, our drone excels across the board.

Moreover, its exceptional capabilities extend to serving as an effective training target, offering a realistic simulation for defense forces to enhance their tactical skills and response strategies in a controlled environment.

Our Commitments

Lehmann Legacy

Trust us to elevate your operations with drones that guarantee superior quality, unparalleled customer support, cutting-edge innovation, and uncompromising safety—setting the standard for excellence in the drone industry.

Quality and Reliability

Our drones are engineered with precision, using high-quality materials to ensure unmatched reliability and performance in every flight.

Customer Support

We provide comprehensive customer support, offering personalized assistance and maintenance services to ensure your operations run smoothly.


15 years in business

Our commitment to innovation means we continuously integrate the latest technologies into our drones, setting new standards in the industry.

Safety and Compliance

Safety is our top priority, with all our drones designed to meet rigorous industry standards and regulatory compliance for peace of mind during operations.